Llangollen Loans offers high quality services to its clients. We are geared at giving the best since we know that everyone deserves to be treated well. Our highly trained staff has the skills needed in a diverse environment such as that in the UK. Our services are marked by:
Security: Information security is important especially in services that include lending of funds. We use systems that guarantee client information security. We do not want client’s information to be leaked since it may mean danger on the client and also nuisance by other parties. We keep our client’s information private at all times.
Flexibility: Llangollen Loans has made great efforts to ensure that it offers flexible services. Different clients have unique needs. Flexibility helps to meet the needs of these clients as per their requests. We understand that personalizing our services to meet client’s needs is attractive and leads to growth.
Online presence: Llangollen Loans has a well structured online platform that enables clients to use the company’s resources with ease. The establishment of our online website fully loaded with information is a helpful tool. Many are in a position to learn about our company from the comfort of their homes or office and even reach us through the contact information provided online. Clients can make online applications for V5 loans and choose to get free quotations through the online website.
Unbiased: Llangollen Loans is not biased when it comes to serving clients. We do not select a particular category to serve but choose to serve all eligible clients. We do not conduct credit checks since we choose to lend even to those with bad credit rating as long as they show an ability to repay the loan. All this makes us approachable with ease.
Instant services: Llangollen Loans offers instant services. We do not seek to delay loan applications but want clients to access what they need very fast. We have adequate staff who are able to process multiple applications on a daily basis. With an automated quote generation app, all who request for a quote are able to get results in just a matter of seconds. On application for a V5 loan, the forms are viewed immediately and if all documents attached are in order, the loan is disbursed within the same day of approval.
Llangollen Loans seeks nothing but to satisfy client’s needs. We also seek to grow and this can only be possible if we provide first class services to our clients.