Why Choose Us?

Llangollen Loans offers the best services while also treating clients with respect when compared to other service providers like Top Logbook Loans. This has been a contributing factor to our rising ranking in service delivery. We know that clients in the UK are quite picky and only work with companies that are able to treat them with the utmost respect and friendliness. We have streamlined our operations to ensure that we are number one when it comes to service delivery. With an aim of tapping into a larger share of the UK market, we believe that the following aspects guiding our services will help the company reach the top.
Friendly staff: We have a team of friendly staff that are always on the clock ready to offer clients services. They do not just offer services but quality services in a friendly manner. As a company, we want clients to feel at home when dealing with us to keep them coming back.
Responsible lending: Llangollen Loans has always been responsible while lending. We want our clients to benefit from the loans we have to offer rather than feel ripped off. We offer loans to a variety of clients and want them all to be successful in repaying the loans. We keenly assess the condition of a borrower to ensure that the money we give out to them is an amount they can comfortably pay back. This involves calculating the income and expenses of the client to ensure there will be sufficient money to cover the loan installment. 
Flexible repayment: We have flexible repayment options for our clients thus allowing them to pay the loan in a comfortable manner. Looking at the borrower’s income sources and thus figuring out their repayment ability help us give offers to clients that they can comfortably manage. We have clients paying weekly, fortnightly, and monthly installments. The general repayment period also varies to ensure that the loan is spread out over a period that the client can comfortably meet.
Instant approvals: Emergency loans are needed fast. We understand that before coming to Llangollen Loans, you had a need for the amount. This has always helped us treat the applications with the urgency that they deserve. Rather than sit around with pending applications, our staff are well trained to handle the applications as soon as they are made. This means that our borrowers get the privilege of receiving loans as fast as possible. In some cases when the documents are delivered early, the applicant receives the money within the day the documents were delivered.
Easy application: Llangollen Loans has a simple loan application process. Our clients do not have to go through lengthy scrutiny during the application process. We require applicants to fill a few basic yet necessary details on the online application form. The easy application usually takes a minute. This allows you time to handle other pressing matters rather than dwell on a lengthy application.
Fast processing: Other than easy applications, our loan processing is usually fast. We do not seek to delay with the loan applications but process them in a timely manner. This includes checking up with the V5 documents given against the loan to ascertain proof of ownership. Our system is also set to aid in the fast processing of applications.
No obligations: Llangollen Loans clients are under no obligation to take our loans. Clients are all expected to act on free will. Choosing to get a quote from our company does not mandate you to take a loan. This makes our company approachable even to those who simply want to make inquiries and are not ready to take a loan from the company.
Personalized quotes: We have personalized quotes to enable us reach out to all sorts of clients. The personalized quotes enable us to give services that suit a client’s unique needs. Our clients are free to have a loan as per their circumstances and their abilities.

Low rates: Llangollen Loans has the lowest rates to offer borrowers. We assure our clients that they will not be able to find deals that can beat the low cost offers we have for them.